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My Newest Deviations are where I post my art.



Tavern or Inn? by Jalapenostark

I really like how this looks. It makes me think of Howl's Moving Castle or a Fun House. As a child, I used to go into those things all ...

For: Omocha-San' by xXxMantrumxXx

This looks really adorable. I don't have much of a vision to it, except I picture it as kind of a Vocaloid or Another (Anime) kind of l...

Cathar.sys by Ace0fredspades

The creativity is well done. The clock turning into the YIN & YEN sign was very unique. It reminds me how time balances out things. My ...

Remembrance by XRlS
by XRlS

This girl seems to be in a daze. I like her 'daydreaming' or 'spacing out' expression, but I think she looks a bit sad. Maybe she misse...



RadicaKuukai's Profile Picture
Mao Motomiya
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
WELCOME to my page/profile/whatever. :D

Anyways, I am RadicaKuukai.

Nicknames that I usually would like to be called is 'Dame-chan, Nodame, Radica, or Kuu-chii.

Haha... Kuu-chii... eue

Just kidding. Don't call me Kuu-chii, or you'll be meeting my fist with your face. :u

Although I say this, this is what I recommend, go ahead, and call me what you want. It isn't that important anyways.

I am a digital artist, but I only started doing this recently (July 29, 2013 /When I started/). So, don't blame me if I'm not that good at digital art yet, I'm still in training.

WATCHERNOTE: Okay. I've noticed that people have been watching me because of my kindness rather than my art. If you don't like me art, but you think I'm nice, I suggest you don't watch me. I came here to share my art and give my perspective on your art and everyone else's. I also posted my art so I can see how much I improved. Anyways, really, you don't need to add me. I just want to show my art and improve, also share it. Getting a critique is what I want, a harsh one with tips on how to improve. If you can do that, I recommend you to do so.

NOTE: When I critique your work, I give a very judging Rating and a soft Wording, so if you're offended at all by my Rating than suck it up. Critiques are made to help you improve and see other people's ideas. Sure, I may apologize for offending you or confusing you, but I take nothing back. It is also for being polite.

ANOTHERNOTE: I'd like to say that when I watch you or anything, I actually watch you. If you post a picture and I get it. I'll comment..! Same with groups. I comment on things I like. Sometimes I get thousands of picture, but I still do my best to comment. If it takes my whole day though I then I have to sort my time. I still have to draw you know..! >U

COMMENTNOTE: I won't reply to comments or replies that fast only because I'm a procrastinator. HAHAH. I know... :l You'll just have to wait..! Huehue.

If you're wondering how I got my name, it is from a manga called, "Taiyou no Ie". They used the names Radical and Kuukai as screen names to write their online novels in the manga. When I mean 'their' I mean, the main character and a supporting character. You may be thinking, "But your name is RADICAKuukai, what happened to the 'L'?" Well, you probably aren't thinking that, but let's just think you are.

When I was write my screen name for this site, I meant to put am L except it didn't process right, and it just didn't happen. So, it is an accidental mistake on my name, but I like it. My sister says it's weird, but she has no say in this matter. The mistake was a Godly mistake. A mistake sent by God, so I can like it better than my original plan.

Since we're talking about God, I'd like to say I'm a proud Christian. All you religious arguments are invalid.

I also don't take things very seriously, so if I offend you... You'll just have to deal with it. I mean, don't take my jokes or anything like that too seriously. I'll get mad.
e __e Dats right. MAD. MAD MAN.

I'm a night owl, so I am up at night for quite some time then I sleep in the morning. Useless information but still.
e _e It's a fact.

I'm also Asian, Filipino to be exact.

I enjoy fun, carefree conversations and a good story. Good grammar will brighten my day and lift my respect for you. If you don't have good grammar, I swear, we will not get along. I mean, spelling things wrong time to time, that's okay. But I mean, GUYS. I won't understand if your grammar is all messed up and also your spelling..! Get a dictionary, I'll throw it at you if I could.

During the night, I write stories. When I'm mad, I write 'strange' stories. I will not post these strange stories because they're for my friends to read only. The stories I'll post will be short stories, long stories are too tiring for me. My stories that I'll post will be based on songs I listen to. For example Campanella is a story I wrote for a song GUMI, a Vocaloid sung. I'll be writing my summaries here. They're really short. Haha.

Campanella: It is about a scientist named, "Henri" who tried to prove his feelings to his deceased wife, "Elizabeth" in many different ways. He tried to get to where she was.

Lynne: A girl who has escaped the grasp of a dead 'other'. So I guess, what the girls in her class said were true. She is real...

For my art, I do requests, colabs, contests, and art trades. In my groups that I joined, I'll do contests. So feel free to link me to a group with a contest or tell me requests that you'd like me to do.

Requests I've done:
Digital Art for my friend, Moke Tatsu of him
Digital Art for my friend, SilverRose Daisuke of her

Oh, before you add me or so, I'd like to warn you before hand... I have a hard time with strangers, so I might not grow close to you very quickly. I might even be a bit mean, but I really hope we can get along.

I really hope you enjoy my journals and art that I have posted. I also hope you will see me grow to become a better artist every day.

Thank you for viewing my profile, and HAVE A WONDERFULLY DISGUSTING DAY. You're welcome. I'm quite the poet. e-e
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You can find the details here:

You can go in the run for $20 or 2000Points just for advertising and you get 20Points once you've posted a journal doing so!

The contest is themed on Anime and Video games!

If you're interested then go visit his page!

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